how to prevent openbox to grab keystrokes ?

Marco Molteni molter at
Tue Mar 9 10:17:30 EST 2004


how do I prevent openbox to grab some keystrokes? Or, said in another
way, how do I send keystrokes to the focused window ?

Example: I am using VNC, and I like to set the vncviewer in full screen
mode. Say that the local and remote window managers are the same,
openbox. Say you have multiple desktops. Say you like using the keyboard
as much as possible.

When the vncviewer window is focused, I want the control-alt-left, control-alt-right keystrokes to change desktop on the remote machine,
not on the local machine.

For example, with icewm, one plays tricks with xmodmap and, when the
scroll lock key is set, the keystrokes are sent to the focused window
and not intercepted by the window manager.

Is there a way to obtain the same with openbox?


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