[openbox] theme question

Jonathan Daugherty cygnus at cprogrammer.org
Wed Jan 28 08:05:11 EST 2004

# I'm the katanalynx of who you speak.  I've been relocating (a very big
# relocation...).  My server box is currently in storage, and I don't
# forsee getting DSL for a while, though I have been digging up stuff here
# and there on my laptop.
# Eventually I'll get my code re-uploaded.  I regret not downloading the
# stuff to little theo so I could have something to hack on the @#$@#$
# plane trip.  And the weeks without home net access.
# Life is sort of exciting when you've relocated some thousands of miles :)

Heh, I'll be doing this same thing in about six months. :)


  Jonathan Daugherty

  "It's a book about a Spanish guy called Manual, you should read it."
                                                            -- Dilbert

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