[openbox] struts question

Ben Jansens xor at orodu.net
Wed Jan 21 19:37:41 EST 2004

On Wed, Jan 21, 2004 at 12:45:58PM -0500, John Russell wrote:
> The way I understand struts are that they are an area defined by a
> client into which the window manager should not place/maximize any other
> client.  

Yep, its "out of bounds" area.

> Do gnome panels only set struts when they are on the edges of the
> screen? When a gnome panel is floating in the middle of the screen, it
> doesn't appear to affect the placement of any other clients.  

xprop | grep STRUT
and then click on that gnome-panel and you can see if it's setting one. It
shouldn't be if its not on an edge.

> I ask because this calculation apparently goes into the calculation of
> the Rect area** in screen.c which holds an array of array of desktop
> holding array of xinerama areas and I don't think its behaving properly
> right now.  I'm trying to figure out why.  Thanks.

The area's are indeed the area inside of the struts on each desktop.

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