[openbox] theme question

Jonathan Daugherty cygnus at cprogrammer.org
Tue Jan 20 15:03:28 EST 2004

# I tried to find a nice format for XML themes, conspiring with a number of
# other people more familiar with XML design. It never got cleaner than the
# xrdb format. And the xrdb format *already worked*, and was already
# understood by themers.
# Recreating the format so everyone has to relearn it would be justified if
# new theme abilities were included with the new format. As such, they
# weren't, it was just a 1:1 mapping more or less. Hence, it sounded like a
# waste of time to me.

Cool.  The major reason I brought this up is that I think an XML
theme format facilitates the development of a theme builder program,
which would subsequently be able to deal with the theme's internals.
I say this, in turn, because I'm not wholly comfortable with hacking
on the theme text files, but that's my fault and not the fault of
the format, of course.  Such a builder program could still be made
to work with the current theme format.

I seem to remember having found a good source of documentation on
the various sections of an ob/bb-style theme; can you all give me
any URLs, etc.?


  Jonathan Daugherty

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