xmms misbehavior

Nagy Mate k-zed at hactar.net
Mon Jan 19 07:53:48 EST 2004

 this might not (strictly) be an openbox problem, but it's at least
openbox-related. for some reason, the xmms 1.2.8 playlist window behaves
in a really weird way under openbox 3 w/ xinerama dual monitors. (this happens
neither with xmms 1.2.7 nor with a different wm!)
 the symptoms: when i double-click on the playlist bar to roll down the
window, it opens but gets resized to it's minimal height; sometimes
(yes, only sometimes) xmms receives no information/event on this resize,
so it draws the playlist as if the window was full size (the playlist text
is truncated at the bottom of the frame). this is corrected when i resize
the playlist by hand, but i can't do that without using
alt+rightbtn+drag, since the resize handle in the bottom-right corner
also does strange things... when i click on the handle and start to
drag, openbox's size information appears, but the window doesn't get
redrawn; when i release, the window is usually resized, but to some
multiple of the height i dragged it to. after this, openbox gets into a
confused state where focus doesn't follow the mouse at all - apparently only
alt+clicking on the playlist window helps. the resize doesn't trigger at all
when i want to make the window smaller (drag towards the inside of the
playlist), but openbox still gets confused.

 has anyone else experienced the same problem? any ideas?

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