[openbox] Openbox FAQs

Jesper Louis Andersen jlouis at mongers.org
Mon Jan 19 01:19:51 EST 2004

Quoting William O'Higgins (openbox at nerd.cx):

> Your notes about the execution of commands in the .xsession script are
> well taken.  I am certainly doing a great deal wrong, but I am not using
> (x|k|g)dm, and as such I invoke things with an .xinitrc.  When I
> experimented with adding things to this script and I didn't include the
> sleeps they did not function correctly.  Most commonly I would get a
> grey, checked screen with an x cursor that I had to Ctrl-Alt-Backspace
> out of.  If you have the time|inclination I would love to hear more
> about the process.  That said, what I have posted does work.

I would glady try to figure out what happened. Though I think it should
be done off-list, since it has nothing to do with Openbox exactly. What
I would need would be the script itself, so I could take a guess. The
caveat, however, is that I might be unable to do a good guess without
the ability to debug further.

> Regarding the triviality of the FAQ entries; I knew enough to answer
> these questions through experience and reading through the documentation
> in its entirety.  If a user lacks experience and/or patience they may
> look at the FAQ.  Since the FAQ is no one's priority right now, it is
> pathetic.  So I present a survey of the trivial questions that I needed
> answered to get up and running.

I do not think it is a bad leaving out those entries. I think they are
justified, concerning your thoughts, which is not much away from what
I had. The important thing when creating a FAQ is to have it to be
correct. Incorrect or false FAQs will just end up making the experienced
grinning and the newbie even more confused. I like the work you did,
but beware I am not affiliated with Openbox development. Since the
background and tab questions have been asked that much, they are
justified in the FAQ IMO.


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