Openbox FAQs

William O'Higgins openbox at
Sun Jan 18 22:08:37 EST 2004

I've recently started using Openbox, and I like it enough to contribute.
We need a better FAQ, so here are some possible additions:

How do I edit the menu?

Edit ~/.config/openbox/menu.xml.  Read the documentation at the <a

Where is the dock?

The dock is defined in the ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml file.  The relevant
section looks like this:<pre>

If you don't see anything in the dock, it is because there are no dock
applications running.  Look at <a
href="http:/"></a> for examples of dock
applications to see if there is anything you want to run.

How do I launch applications when X starts?

If you are starting X with startx, applications are launched with the
~/.xinitrc script.  If you are starting X via a graphical login,
applications are launched with the ~/.xsession.  Applications that are
to run on top of X must be run after X is started.  To accomplish this,
launch applications with the following syntax: 
sleep 1 && exec application &

The sleep command lets the X server get a head start and the trailing
ampersand lets the command happen in the background.

How do I set a background in Openbox?

You don't.  Seriously, Openbox is a window manager, and setting a root
window background is outside that mandate.  Use another program to set
the root background, such as xsetroot, bsetbg, Esetroot, Rox etc.
Launch these programs within the X startup script.

Can you put tabs in Openbox?

No.  If you want a tabbing window manager, use <a
or <a href="">pekwm</a>.  For further explanation, read <a



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