[openbox] mouse wrap to other side of screen

Mikael Magnusson mangosoft at comhem.se
Thu Jan 15 09:15:17 EST 2004

On Wed, 14 Jan 2004, John Russell wrote:

> What I meant was, I'm using xinerama and my _desktop_ is very wide as it
> is spread across 2 monitors.  I wanted to know of a way to have the
> mouse wrap from one side of one monitor all the way to the other side of
> my desktop.  I hope that is clearer.
> John

Try this, and give -w and -h for width and height since i dont know the
proper xinerama calls. and yes, i had a similar program lying around :)

Mikael Magnusson
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	gcc $(CFLAGS) -o edgeswitch-jr edgeswitch.c -I/usr/X11R6/include -lX11 -L/usr/X11R6/lib
	rm edgeswitch-jr
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