[openbox] mouse wrap to other side of screen

John Russell drjimmy42 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 14 11:25:39 EST 2004

What I meant was, I'm using xinerama and my _desktop_ is very wide as it
is spread across 2 monitors.  I wanted to know of a way to have the
mouse wrap from one side of one monitor all the way to the other side of
my desktop.  I hope that is clearer.


On Wed, 2004-01-14 at 10:58, Eric Shattow wrote:
> that's quite different than proper Xinerama support, i think.
> John Russell wrote:
> >Does anyone know if there is a setting so that when my mouse gets the
> >right side of my screen and I keep going it shows up on the left side
> >and keeps going.   I'm using Xinerama and my screen is really wide so I
> >thought this might be useful.  Thanks.
> >
> >John
> >  
> >
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