[openbox] focus behavior slow?

Brett Campbell brett at custom-tech.net
Mon Jan 12 01:09:55 EST 2004

> >  i actually did experience the same effect.. on a P4 2.4 w/ 512 MB RAM.
> > swapping unlikely. the cursor does actually move around (and smoothly),
> > it's the focus that fails to follow it.
> 	Yes, this is exactly it.  Everything seems fast and snappy, the focus just can't keep up.  I only really notice when I move to a window, start typing, and some other window is getting my keystrokes.  Then I have to rehit the titlebar or something to give focus to the window that should have had it to begin with.  This, so far, my only gripe about Openbox 3.  Other than this I am very happy.

Interesting.  My favorite thing to do when i'm bored (actually out of
habit) is flick the mouse around as fast as humanly possible and watch in
amazement as the focus changes between five or ten different windows,
And I always think, 'wow.. that's *amazing*,' because it's so smooth. 

Which version of XFree86 are you using, and which driver?  I don't know
too much about everything involved, but I doubt it's the WM.  Do other
WM's such as fluxbox or windowmaker show this same behavior?


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