[openbox] window matching

Eric Shattow shadow at serverart.org
Mon Jan 5 23:41:29 EST 2004

Hmm.   it don't.

gnome-session is running openbox as the WM, and gnome-session is 
starting the gnome-panel.   thus openbox is not starting any programs.   
it should still restore the always-on-bottom flag, right?

Ben Jansens wrote:

>On Sun, Jan 04, 2004 at 02:16:27PM -0600, Eric Shattow wrote:
>>What about Z-ordering?  in example, i have a floating gnome2 panel with 
>>my tasklist, and i'd like to always have the Z-ordering set to "always 
>>on bottom."   Besides keeping your windows X/Y where they were when you 
>>shutdown, should the openbox3 WM keep track of your windows Z where they 
>It saves the always on top/bottom along with the other states of windows.
>And it even saves the current Z order, yes, so your desktop should look
>identical to when it was saved.

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