[openbox] window matching

Ben Jansens ben at orodu.net
Sun Jan 4 15:06:32 EST 2004

On Sun, Jan 04, 2004 at 06:58:51PM +0100, Grzegorz Kusnierz wrote:
> Hi!
> Will Openbox3 ever have window matching functionality (such as
> "if WM_CLASS == xmms then open it in workspace 6" or similar)?

No. It can load sessions so you can keep your windows where they were when
you shutdown. I feel that is all a Window Manager needs to do.

> I know there's devilspie, but:
> 1) it would be much cleaner if this functionality would be 
>    built into windowmanager

I disagree.

> 2) external programs (eg devilspie) don't allow some actions
>    such as opening certain windows without decorations
>    and many others

Then why not add them? It would be muh easier to add it to devil's pie than
to add all of that all over again to Openbox.

> Besides that devilspie acts quite unstable (not to mention
> its limited functionality).

Doesn't mean it can't be fixed :) Or you could write your own in place of
it. Devilspie's code is a little excentric imo.

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