Sample usage of wmctrl and piped menus with openbox

Pierre Lambion pierre.lambion at
Fri Jan 2 08:36:45 EST 2004

Hi everyone,

I recently installed openbox and spent some time customizing it.

This is a neat and clean window manager but I felt the need to tweak the 
interface a bit. Basically, I wanted:
i/ the root menu to be accessible even when a window is maximized (no 
desktop shown)
ii/ a menu with the current workspace applications directly shown (not a 
menu with the workspace names and then submenus with the applications)

wmctrl and some python scripting were necessary. Here is the script for 
anyone interested. I just wrote it a few minutes ago, so testing is 
almost inexistent (feedback and improvements suggestions are welcome)!

The script generates a pipe menu that I bound to middle mouse click on a 
titlebar. It is also in a submenu of the root-menu that is boud to right 
click on a titlebar.


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