A-TAB strange behavior - Bug or feature?

Aaron Kulbe abkulbe at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 26 23:56:01 EST 2003


I'm not sure if this is a bug, or not, so I thought I'd ask you directly.  I 
was looking at rc.xml to see how keybinding syntax is laid out, and I found 
C-A-d, which is what I was wanting to do in the first place.  It was in 
playing with this that I think I discovered a bug.  Once I did the 
ToggleShowDesktop, all the windows minimized, like they were supposed to.  
But when I did the NextWindow keystroke, rather than cycle through the 
windows, as it should, it reversed the action of ToggleShowDesktop, and put 
all the windows previously open back to their original location on the 

What I expected to happen, was for the desktop to stay clear, and show the 
windows I wanted with each successive A-Tab keystroke, then when I found the 
one I wanted, and let go, it would open that window, and ONLY that window.

Was the behavior I experienced by design, or is that  a bug?


Aaron Kulbe

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