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Sun Nov 23 12:37:06 EST 2003


With the new version of Openbox I experience some problems which I
didn't have with the old one.

I'm running two monitors, which work more or less independently, since I
don't use Xinerama.

When I start the X-server openbox is only started on one of the
monitors, leaving the other monitor unmanaged. I'm able to start openbox
on that monitor as well by starting an xterm with the parameter -display
:0.1 , and then running openbox, but it's a hack, and doesn't hold...

When using the two monitors and I move the curser from one monitor onto
the other, over a window, the window looks like it recieves focus, but
then loses it again to the original monitor. I can then gain focus by
clicking on the window or so.

On the old Openbox I could move the mouse onto a terminal with no
windows, click the background, and then start programs (using epist),
but this doesn't work anymore. I have to have another window on that
monitor already, which can get focused, before I can start programs by
keyboard shortcut. 

Looks nice though, I wonder when the Debian maintainer packages

// Mark Gjøl
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