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Dhakela Z Nekudichny dhakela at linuxchick.se
Sat Nov 22 06:16:52 EST 2003

On Sat, 2003-11-22 at 10:29, David Barr wrote:
> Dhakela Z Nekudichny wrote:
> >Hey,
> >I saw an old mail about this problem with setting the background in
> >openbox3 but the answer wasn't really an answer to the question. Isn't
> >it kinda stupid to not even use the old rootCommand:
> >function? How should people that only are using openbox be able to use a
> >background without setting it manually?
> >If anyone knows a way I'll be glad to be informed. 
> >
> >Peace,
> >  
> >
> Just because you don't like or understand something it doesn't make it 
> stupid does it?
> If you run a session manager (gnome-session) and (in gconf-editor) tell 
> nautilus not to 'show_desktop' and uncheck 'add_to_session' (so 
> basically kill nautilus) but for gnome to 'draw_background' for you, 
> then voila a changable background, which you can set in the control 
> center or, if you are still a luddite, setting a gconf key on the 
> command line, isn't that nice? Doesn't it sound like a job a 
> session-manger should do rather than the window-manager?

What I mean is that before you could set the background in the theme,
why don't use that function anymore? I know atleast 20 ppl that uses
openbox without gnome, and so do I? Why use a window-manager that eats
your memory when you can run openbox on it's own. I don't know if I
think it's stupid or sad that openbox doesn't support this anymore
'cause there's alot of ppl that use this function in openbox2. Is it so
hard to bring it with to openbox3?

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