[openbox] OpenBox 3.0 and Transparency [longish]

Cibao Cu' Ali G. Colibri cibao at softhome.net
Fri Nov 21 04:37:48 EST 2003

On Fri, Nov 21, 2003 at 01:10:28AM -0800, AthlonRob wrote:

> Yeah, now that somebody has provided you with a fix, lemme just add:
> <aol> Me too! </aol>

> ...although I don't like aterm, so don't much care.

Heathen. =)
> Have you thought about a different terminal?

I tried a whole slew of 'em but I keep coming back to aterm.

It does everything I want, how I want, with very little impact.
It's quicker n shit, too. =)

> I like gnome-terminal,

Well, you /are/ more of a GUI type than I. ;)
GT is nice, but it's still a bit bloated for my tastes.

The wife seems to like it though. =)

> although after popping up those aterms... damn... I need to switch to
> aterms.  They pop up even before I hit enter... errr... close to it,
> anyway.

Yeah, see?
Aterm: it's the quicker-popper-upper. =)
> *sigh* .. another project.

Quitcher bitchin'
You live to tinker, and ya know it. =)
> Have fun.

You too.

>  I need sleep.

What's that ? ;)

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