OpenBox 3.0 and Transparency [longish]

Cibao Cu' Ali G. Colibri cibao at
Fri Nov 21 03:55:53 EST 2003


I've got a bit of an issue here that I was wondering if someone with more 
clue than I could help me resolve:

I've been dinkering with this for a bit now and am stumped for ideas.

Under 2.x I had no problems with getting aterm to properly display the root 
image that was set using Esetroot.

For example:

% Esetroot <image>

and then

% aterm -tr

Would open an aterm that would display the background <image> "through" it.

This would continue to work properly, regardless of how many themes I'd 
switch through-

However, the same actions don't work the same under 3.0.

% Esetroot <image>

will still set the root image properly

but, (and here's where I get stuck) the same term command

% aterm -tr

only works on the following conditions:

1.) If it's called within the first 10 seconds (or so) of starting X, it'll 
work just like 2.x did - until those 10 seconds have passed.


2.) The aterm will still appear with the background image set *until* the 
window is moved, drawn over, minimized/maximized or text is scolled inside 
of it. Basically, anything that causes the window to be re-drawn.

It will then default to the blank slate-gray BG as specified by the theme.

The theme that I'm currently using is the default "Blah41" that's included 
with Openbox 3.0, with no modifications.

I've looked at the ObConf utility, but it's rather sparse and doesn't 
provide any setting for the BG (as per the documentation).

I've tried using the old 'root.command' setting within the theme, but 
that's now (apparently) deprecated.

I'm sure this is something simple that I'm overlooking or making seem much 
more complicated than it actually is, but I'm stumped for the time being.

Any assistance, clues, or FM to R would be greatly appreciated. =)

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