[openbox] Something wrong with menu.xml - but what?

Matthew Graybosch mgraybosch at starbreaker.net
Tue Nov 18 07:25:59 EST 2003

Jani Alanko wrote:
> I have installed Openbox 3.0 and use it together
> with fbpanel 2.2 and it works ok except the fact
> that when I exit ob, I still have to kill X with
> Ctrl-Alt-Backspace because with for some weird
> reason, I can't get back to console, I guess there
> is something wrong with my .xinitrc but I'm just too
> dumb to figure out what it is.
> exec openbox &
> exec xli -onroot canyons_018.jpg &
> exec fbpanel

You should have only *one* exec line in .xinitrc. try this instead:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

xli -onroot canyons_018.jpg &
fbpanel &
exec openbox

Since you had three "exec" lines, X thinks you have *three* "magic" 
processes, all of which must be terminated before the X session can end.

Also, refer to the man page for "script" and use it to capture output 
when you run startx and openbox. Openbox dumps information about 
menu.xml errors to the tty in which you ran startx, so if you can 
capture the output you can diagnose the problem.

Hope this helps.
Matthew Graybosch
"Manhattan uber alles!"

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