[openbox] sloppy focus?

Tim Riley tr at slackzone.org
Mon Nov 17 07:28:19 EST 2003

El lun, 17-11-2003 a las 03:00, corey at streamreel.net escribió:
> On Mon, Nov 17, 2003 at 12:30:30AM -0500, Ben Jansens wrote:
> > The idea is that you don't want windows to raise right away because you want
> > the window you are going to to be raised, and not the windows in between.
> > This way the stacking order is preserved even though you flicked your mouse
> > across them. 
> > 
>   Agreed - thus was born the simple and effective "autoRaiseDelay" concept.

> > I applied this same logic to the focus order, which was not even present
> > when FFM was first applied to WMs. You want to the window you are going to
> > be using to be moved to the front of the focus order, not all the windows in
> > between.
> > 
>   Again, our friendly neighborhood "autoRaiseDelay" is here for us. 
>   We're still on the same page at this point.

with a delay-before-raise only, the windows would still get focus
straight away and thus screw up the focus order.  This is what Ben is
talking about. 

> <snip talk about adding more options>
>   The ObConf "Behavior" tab might then look something this:

The ObConf "Behaviour" tab is already pretty full.  I particularly don't
like the idea of having 2 levels of option nesting.

>   So I spent the time to review the codebase, considered what I thought was
>   a decent approach, hacked around, tested, and submitted what turned out to
>   be a very small patch. [edit: and now I've just submitted a new one...]

Sweet!  Nice work.  Note that even if this doesn't go into openbox, you
still have the problem solvered.

Please accept this expression of my distinguished feelings,


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