[openbox] sloppy focus?

corey at streamreel.net corey at streamreel.net
Sat Nov 15 03:12:44 EST 2003

On Sun, Nov 16, 2003 at 02:50:20AM +0100, Mikael Magnusson wrote:
> >   I'll go through the mailling list archives and see if I can find the 
> >   thread - anyone happen to remember the subject?
> I'm pretty sure we talked about it on irc, not here.

  Bummer - then hopefully anyone following this thread can forgive me
  if I end up raising questions or topics already discussed.

> It should be fairly easy to change the delay to do raise instead of focus, 

  Looking at the code, it seems to me that focusing and raising sorta
  got munged together - i.e., currently you can't focus without raising.

  In my experience, this goes against the standard norm for focus follows
  mouse behavior -- in all instances of other "unixy" wm's I've ever used,
  focus follows mouse _always_ immediatlely focuses the window on a mouse 
  over event, and allows the user to configure whether there is a delay
  before the window actualy raises.

> as long as you dont want separate delays for raising and focusing.

  I think providing the ability to raise without focusing may be config
  overkill/feature-creep, so I don't (personaly) see any reason to enable
  separate delays for raising and focusing -- although I can imagine where
  to some people, in certain rare circumstances, that might be useful.

  Anyone else out there using focus follows mouse, with a focus/raise
  delay, annoyed by the way ob3 handles things? I for one constantly end 
  up momentarily typing into the previous window when I move my mouse to
  a new one. 

  I could disable the delay, but I purposefully have a delay set before
  raising so that I'm not constantly raising various nearby windows
  inadvertently - this is what most people seem to hate about focus follows
  mouse behavior; but that is what the raise delay helps alleviate.

  I could click into the window immediately when I intend to use it, but,
  uh... that kinda defeats the purpose behind focus follows mouse, eh? 

  Finaly, I could simply wait for that ~450-some-odd miliseconds to elapse
  before interacting with the desired window; but that just don't work in
  practice... anyone who's ever typed into a remote shell/term with even
  slight lag knows, pause, how, pause, ex-... pause, -cruciating, pause...
  that can be.

  In ObConf:

"Delay before focusing and raising: ____"

  Should be:

"Delay before raising: ____"

  And the focus should happen immediately.

  I'll definitely patch the source to match the above behavior, are you 
  guys sure this shouldn't be the standard way ob3 works? Again, sorry
  that I missed the previous discussion regarding this.



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