sloppy focus?

corey at corey at
Fri Nov 14 00:40:50 EST 2003

Me again.

Is there a sloppyFocus or something similar available for the focus prefs?

I prefer the focus follows mouse behavior with a small focus delay, before
raising on focus, as below:


However, there's one thing missing - I like to be able to immediately
begin interacting with the window, even before it has been raised. But
with the above configuration, I have to wait for that focusDelay before
I can work with the window in question... 450 miliseconds is just too
long... <grin>  ( really though, it makes a huge difference in practice )

Anyhow, what's the directive I need in order to provide the behavior I'm
looking for?

Old openbox used to do this, I _think_ it was called sloppy focus - i.e.,
the window wouldn't raise until the focus delay, but it became active
immediately once the mouse went over it.

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