feature requests

Bartosz Oudekerk bartosz at etv.cx
Mon Nov 10 03:15:05 EST 2003


I'd like to be as bold as to request something without having contributed to
this project in any way.

Here they are (in order of importance(to me)):

1]  One feature I really miss is FullMaximisation (I don't remember the exact
    name). When I maximise a window I'd like it to maximise *over* the dock.

    I now have the dock set to "autohide" and "below" which works in a way,
    but I'd like to have the dock always visible on workspaces which don't
    contain maximised windows.

2]  Since I had RSI, I prefer to use my mouse as little as possible, and as
    such have set up a lot of keybindings (actually I'm still in the process
    of doing so). One thing I still happen to do sometimes is open the menu
    and then decide I don't want it. It would be nice to have an action to
    close the menu (HideMenu?), it would be even nicer if using ShowMenu a
    second time would close it again, so it could be openend and closed with
    a single keybinding. I now have a menu-item which doesn't do anything at
    the top.

3]  A setting which sets if windows are placed top-to-bottom or left-to-right
    would also be nice.

Perhaps if some of you have a use for some of the above features also, they
could be implemented?

Thank you for Openbox.

Bartosz Oudekerk
Imagination is the one weapon in the war against reality
      -- Jules de Gaultier

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