Problem with gnome 2.4 + openbox on Slackware 9.1

Jon Kinred jkinred at
Sun Nov 9 17:23:35 EST 2003


I also had this problem. I think this happens because openbox removes
the old session file and creates a new one with a different filename
each time it shuts down, this leaves the command in the
~/.gnome2/session file pointing to a non-existent file, which seems to
stop openbox from registering properly with gnome-smproxy (hence the
apparent hang).

Here's a quick fix:

1. Using the Gnome Run dialog execute "openbox --replace". Note: If you
use a terminal it will be saved to your session in the next step unless
you background openbox and close the terminal.
2. Again using the Gnome Run dialog, execute "gnome-session-save"
3. Open your ~/.gnome2/session file and locate the RestartCommand entry
for openbox, replace the --sm-save-file option with --sm-client-id <id>,
where <id> is the id=number located at the start of the openbox
definition, the first number on the line will be the same as the
RestartCommand line.
4. Log out of Gnome but do not save your session!

I have attached a simple patch to the sessions.c file which only creates
a new file handle if save_file isn't set (the command in
~/.gnome2/session is saved with the --sm-save-file option). This isn't
very good because it still doesn't correct the problem with
gnome-smproxy hanging if openbox doesn't register properly.
If you use the --sm-client-id option with the relevant id in your
~/.gnome2/session file, it starts no problem whether the file exists or
not, so the proper thing to do would be to modify the way openbox
registers with the SM at initial startup (ie. when doing --replace) so
the gnome-session will save the sm-client-id rather than sm-save-file

Ben, thanks for the awesome window manager!


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