[openbox] Problems configuring Openbox

Mike logan at dct.com
Fri Nov 7 16:51:39 EST 2003

Hm, only thing I can think of offhand is maybe XDG_DATA_DIRS (environment variable) is set and does not contain /usr/local/share.

That variable overrides the default paths openbox will look in for themes. If it's set, you could append some paths to it... XDG_DATA_DIRS="/usr/share:/usr/local/share:$HOME/.local/share"

Or if you wanted to try some debugging, you could open render/theme.c, go to loaddb() function and add some g_print()'s.

Specifically, inside:
        for (it = parse_xdg_data_dir_paths(); !db && it;
             it = g_slist_next(it))
            s = g_build_filename(it->data, "themes", name,
                                 "openbox-3", "themerc", NULL);
            if ((db = XrmGetFileDatabase(s)))
                theme->path = g_path_get_dirname(s);

g_print("s = %s\n", s); // <- HERE


--program_prefix=-3 don't cause any change to the theme paths that I can see.


On Friday, November 07, 2003 at 07:36PM, Pedro Werneck wrote:
>I just installed the stable version but I have a problem configuring it.
>Seems like it can't find the themes. 
>When I try to start it I get some warnings about fonts and the error:
>(/usr/local/bin/openbox-3:26098): Openbox-CRITICAL **: Unable to load a
>But I have the themes on both search paths . 
>Allegro/  Artwiz/  Blah41/  Om4Ob/  TheBear/
>Allegro/  Artwiz/  Blah41/  Om4Ob/  TheBear/
>On my /home/pedro/.config/openbox/rc.xml (generated by ObConf 1.5) I
>  <name>TheBear</name>
>  <titlelayout>NLIMC</titlelayout>
>The only unusual thing was the --program-suffix=-3 flag when building
>I tried everything I could think of, but it doesn't work. Probably it's
>a silly mistake, but I can't find out what is.
>Thanks for any help

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