Alpha7 release

Ben Jansens ben at
Sun Aug 31 17:02:42 EDT 2003

Greetings all!

I am pleased to announce the 7th Openbox3 alpha release. A lot has changed
since Alpha6. Here's a quick run-down:

    * Lots of bug fixes and usability improvements
    * Improved saving/restoring of sessions (via a session manager)
    * Completely redone menu subsystem, with some cool features:
          o Improved keyboard navigation
          o Icons in client menus
          o Window icons in the client list menu
          o Real separators in menus (see default menu for example)
          o Can parse multiple menu files. See the default rc3 for example
          o New pipe-menus. Reads the output from a command to populate a
		    menu. Example:

            <menu id="MyPipeMenu" label="Menu of Stuff"
			      execute="" /> 

            The script's output should look like:

             <item label="do stuff">
              <action name="execute"><execute>foo</execute></action>

          o New default menu bullet
    * All plugins have been removed. I consider it a failed experiment.
	  Other approaches may be attempted in the future, but for now they are
	  no more.
    * Removed the theme option menu.frame.justify to allow for superior menu
	  layout, sizing, and appearance.
    * Removed history placement. Another failed experiment. Intelligent
	  window placement is still on its way.
    * Removed the <cyclingDialog> options. This is now done automatically
	  based on the key/mouse binding. When no modifier keys are used, no
	  dialog will be shown.
    * Add the DesktopLast action
    * Allow a handleWidth of 0 in themes, which hides the handle entirely.

The Alpha7 release is definite progress towards a final release. Betas will
begin once a theme format has been decided upon.

Please participate in the testing of this release. Grab the tarball and
please report any problems.

Here's a link to the release for your convenience:

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