[openbox] hi

David Barr dpb at clara.co.uk
Thu Aug 28 18:03:33 EDT 2003

Anarky wrote:

>    hi, I'm totally new to openbox. Hi everybody. I wanted to give 
> OpenBox a try today .. but it seems I would have to remove my current 
> window manager first (blackbox) .. and I don't want to jump into 
> anything like this without a parachute. I'd have a couple of questions:
>    well, the main reason that I'm seeking alternative options to 
> blackbox is because I'd love a 'open in workspace' feature for certain 
> programs, and bbappconf won't work for me (crashes), but also I'd love 
> new features like: open in first free workspace and some old ones I've 
> configured here via bbkeys liek adding custom commands & shortucts, 
> being able to hide bbkeys & config in the slit ...
>    well  ... hope I find out more. I've checked the screenshots ... 
> seen quite a couple of new/nice options ... but is there really no way 
> of trying OpenBox without giving up Blackbox? Also about the opening 
> in workspace and maybe wishing for shortcuts to send an app to a 
> certain workspace & stuff ..
>    well, greets everybody
shucks, well if you are installing ob2 it may overwrite your 
bbsetbg/bsetroot maybe or some stuff but who cares? just do a force rpm 
install, no harm will come of it -> probably :)

also if you use devilspie (in openbox3, maybe2?) you should be able to 
make apps start on whatever workspace -> 


  This will put all GNOME Calculators on the second workspace,
  maxmized. Note that the workspace number is a 1-based index, not a
  0-based index.
      <matcher name="DevilsPieMatcherWindowName">
        <property name="application_name" value="gnome-calculator"/>
      <action name="DevilsPieActionSetWorkspace">
        <property name="workspace_index" value="2"/>
      <action name="DevilsPieActionHide">
        <property name="skip_tasklist" value="TRUE"/>

- David

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