Toolbar Support?

Matt O'Connor angagon at
Tue Aug 26 16:25:11 EDT 2003

Hello, I am new to Openbox and am using 3.0_alpha6.  I was wondering why there 
is no builtin toolbar support?  Is there a way to fix this without using 
Gnome, KDE, ROX, etc?  I have tried docker and bbpager, but bbpager quits 
with an error about being unable to connect to the window manager.  From this 
I gathered that Openbox 3 does not support Blackbox apps.  

Assuming there are no options available, where is a good place to look for 
code to attempt writing my own?  (I am only looking for a pager, taskbar, and 
clock, but all of them in some form of dock or panel is great.)  Thanks.


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