Alpha6 out

Ben Jansens ben at
Sat Aug 23 13:12:08 EDT 2003

Hey all,

Alpha 6 is out, heres the release notes:

It's some for some more Alpha release fun! Alpha6 is mostly bug fixes, but
also some new goodies:

* New "RaiseLower" action which raises windows when they are under other
  windows, but lowers them when they are not. So now a single mouse binding
  can do both for you.
* The "Root" context has been renamed to "Desktop", so when your mouse
  bindings on the desktop stop working, change this in your rc3 file. As well,
  "Desktop" bindings will now also work when you are running a desktop manager
  such as nautilus!
* The xftfont theme settings have changed to simply font, and
  the window.title.font has been replaced by window.focus.font
  and window.unfocus.font, so you can change the font based on the
  window's focus  state.

The release is available at:

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