Possible bug with the menu and console applications

Chris Anderson chris at dersoldat.org
Thu Aug 14 22:04:32 EDT 2003

In my menu I have an entry like:

    <item label="vim">
      <action name="execute"><execute>vim</execute></action>

When I execute this selection my keyboard no longer responds and I can
no longer focus on applications. So basically if I have xchat open I can
still watch conversations and I can also watch my network speed applet I
have running (this is how I determined it wasn't a hard lock caused by
my hardware). This seems to occur with any console application I try and
happens every time I try. Aside from rebooting I haven't found a way to
gain control of the desktop again, though I haven't been able to test
sshing in to kill the openbox process. In the meantime I'm using `xterm
-e vim` to the same effect, but that may want to be classified as a bug?
Oh, and I did try with "emacs" just to be sure it wasn't a vim issue, I
figured someone would bring that up :)


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