Problem with SUPER_L keybindings in Alpha5

Chris Anderson chris at
Thu Aug 14 20:25:59 EDT 2003

Using xev I was able to determine that the "Windows" key on my keyboard
maps to "SUPER_L" and in Openbox 3 Alphas 1-4 I had that bound to
showmenu without a problem. But with Alpha 5 I've placed the following
into the rc3 file (I copied the default rc3 with A5 to ~/.openbox before
editting) but the binding doesn't seem to work:

  <keybind key="SUPER_L">
    <action name="showmenu"><menu>root-menu</menu></action>

This is within the <keyboard></keyboard> tags right below the other key
bindings. I also verified that my menu id is root-menu. Is this a bug or
am I screwing something up? :)

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