Alpha5 released

Ben Jansens ben at
Thu Aug 14 04:00:14 EDT 2003

Greetings all,

I've just made an Alpha5 release of Openbox 3.0. Here's the release notes
from the website:

To celebrate my 22nd birthday, I am releasing Alpha5!

Alpha5 has some bugfixes, as well as some new stuff. Notable changes since
Alpha4 are as follows:

  * Split the menu into its own file. See the default/installed rc3 and menu
    for examples. The menu is searched for as $HOME/.openbox/menu and
    $PREFIX/openbox/menu if you do not specify a location in the rc3 (or it
    can't be loaded).
  * Titles are no longer shown on submenus.
  * Added the client_list_menu plugin (Default binding is Middle button on
    the root window).
  * Added a new "activate" action which brings a window right to the
    forefront (raises, focuses, unshades, uniconifies).
  * Keyboard/Mouse input and Resistance are no longer done through plugins.
    If you have these in a pluginrc, you should remove them!
  * New dialog shown while cycling/switching desktops. Added a cyclingDialog
    option in the desktops section of the rc3. If using the dialog, and
    using the mouse wheel to change desktops, it is recommended that you use
    the Alt+Wheel bindings (by default these are bound to work anywhere on
    the screen). If you use the simple "Wheel on root" bindings, you'll end
    up having to hit enter to pick the desktop.
  * Fixes for directional focus actions, new GrowToEdge actions.
  * Added the chainQuitKey option in the keybaord section of the rc3.
  * Bullets for submenus. (A nicer default bullet will be forthcoming.)
  * New and improved window maximizing! The decorations adjust themselves
    intelligently around the window based on how it is maximized, and the
    handle at the bottom is removed when the window is maximized fully
    (horizontally and vertically).
  * Show a position based on the struts in the coords popup when moving a
  * Getting rid of non-opaque window move/resize. Instead, add an option -
    drawContents - for if the window's contents are to be updated during a

The tarball awaits you here:

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