[openbox] alpha4 compile problem on Intel Sunos 5.8

Christian von Mueffling cvm at aiss.de
Wed Aug 13 04:09:31 EDT 2003


On Tue, Aug 12, 2003 at 01:41:03PM -0400, Ben Jansens wrote:

> > Seems that extensions.h use 'Region' and this seems to be defined
> > in 'Xutil.h'.
> Ah, ok thanks. If you could try compile a clean copy from CVS, I'd
> like to verify that I have it working with certainty before I boot
> alpha5 out the door :)

I'd like to, but when I try to login into cvs:

shell>cvs -d :pserver:anonymous at cvs.openbox.org:/cvs/cvsroot login
(Logging in to anonymous at cvs.openbox.org)
CVS password: 
cvs [login aborted]: authorization failed: server cvs.openbox.org rejected access


BTW: Great program! A big thanks to all that are developing it!


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