[openbox] Thanks! (was: openbox3 won't compile)

Ruslan N. Balkin baron at voices.ru
Mon Aug 11 03:43:45 EDT 2003

On Mon, 11 Aug 2003 00:05:47 +0200 (CEST)
Mikael Magnusson wrote:

> You can, just drag with button 2, usually the middle mouse button
Thanks for an advice, it works! The only difference from wmaker is that
i can't leave an unused space, but if i recall correctly, was the only
behaviour in all *boxes which everyone can live with.

> > And it would be very nice to have the clone of WindowMaker's clip
> > sometime in the openbox. It is much more comfortable (for me) than
> > any kpanel or gnome-panel or wmdrawer or something.
> Just scrolling on the desktop is way easier imo :)
Personally I use it (maybe its weird) for app-starting purposes. In the
right part of the screen there are calendar, licq, mixer, network
monitor, top, docker, clock - things I need to look at or have the
immediate access.
I use 4 workspaces: one for internet apps, one for work, one for games
and one with no special purposes. When I hover mouse over the clip, it
aqutomatically expands, displaying the 'menu'. Vertical part is common
for all of the workspaces - I can double click application icon and it
will show me workspace where the app is placed and raise app window.
Horizontal part is applications specific to this workspace. E.g.,
dialers or the Internet w/s, IDEs on the work w/s, gimp and some games
on the entertainment w/s. And I'm almost never use the clip to switch
workspaces - I prefer keybindings or double-clicking a common icon for
all of my workspaces.
I guess that I even can write the launcher myself (even with the
knowledge that my X11 and unix programming skills are minimal, I guess
that viewing wmdrawer sources would help alot), but in wm it can dock
dockapps, too. And determine if the application is already launched. I
guess that if nobody will do such clone of WM's clip, I'll write it
myself when I have more time and will to learn X11 programming :)

After some experience with openbox, i found that it's very fast, very
neat, and bulletproof to crashes (but maybe I didn't dig too deep),
unlike the pre-alpha snapshots which I've tried a few months ago. All
works as expected, except for some dockapps which dock in windowmaker,
don't dock in openbox. This includes: wmnet, wmfortune, wmpinboard.

Anyway, thanks to all of developers for such a great WM. I feel like
I'll migrate soon from my good old windowmaker.

WBR, Balkin Ruslan

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