Truncated text in OpenBox2 menus due to locale (pt) characters

Jean-D. Ackle jdalinux at
Mon Aug 11 20:16:08 EDT 2003

I recently installed OpenBox 2.3.1, and it looks good
to me.  But I've got a problem.  Actually, I had

First, I had my own rootmenu linked at by the
~/openbox/rc file, as instructed in the
file in the dat subdir of the instal dir,but it didn't
work.  I had to replace the default menu in
/usr/local/share/openbox.  That's ok with me, but I
did loose quite a lot of time figuring it out...

The other problem, which I couldn't fix, is that I
have some portuguese characters in my menu list. 
Stuff like 'õ' (that's an 'o' with a '~' on top of it,
in case it didn't display correctly to you) or even
'é' (an 'e' with a ''' on top, common in french).  As
soon as such a character appears in a menu item, the
rest of the label is truncated.
Can this be fixed?
I tried playing around with the fonts, but all I got
was weird stuff like no text being displyed at all in
the menus...

Jean-Dominique Ackle
Braga, Portugal
Mandrake Linux 9.1

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