Thanks! (was: openbox3 won't compile)

Ruslan N. Balkin baron at
Sun Aug 10 14:35:42 EDT 2003

On Sun, 10 Aug 2003 12:43:51 -0400
Ben Jansens wrote:

> Read the docs. README.CVS.
Thanks for pointing me, Bena and Marius! It helped.
I've just read almost empty README file. I guess it's a good idea to put
in the README a line 'read README.CVS' for such stupid users me.

> If you can't get CVS to work, just use the alpha releases.
Now installed automake-1.7 from the source, provided necessary
alternatives and it works.
My first attractions were - I have to read more docs.
And a second - is there any special reason not to have 'Maximize window'
item when right-clicking a window caption by default? I have the
maximize icon, but not the 'Maximize window' context menu item.

OB3 is really nice, it's small and fast, and I've read about dynamic
menus in this list, I think it is very useful feature.
The only minus (from my point of view) of all *boxes and OpenBox3 is
that I didn't find a way (or it is not possible) to change positions of
the items in 'slit'.
And it would be very nice to have the clone of WindowMaker's clip
sometime in the openbox. It is much more comfortable (for me) than any
kpanel or gnome-panel or wmdrawer or something.

I've read some time ago in the cvs docs that better support of dockapps
is planned, and hope that it'll be at least not worse than WindowMaker's
one. I realize that there are much more things to do with openbox3 at
the moment, and they might be much more important than having the WM's
clip and moveable dockapps, and I wish you good luck!

Though, I'll try to read docs and then 'prepare' my OpenBox for everyday
use, maybe I've just missing something or so.

Also, I promise that I'll do my best to not ask such a stupid questions

WBR, Balkin Ruslan

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