[openbox] OB3: Menu problems (serious)

Scott Moynes smoynes at nerdnest.org
Sun Aug 10 11:49:53 EDT 2003

* Ilkka Pajari (ipajari at lut.fi) wrote:
> Hello,
> earlier I reported menu problems concerning randomly menu jams. No
> one couldn't confirm that, but now I have noticed that whole OB3
> crashes when menu is opened near bottom of a desktop. My menu is
> quite large, so maybe OB3 can't handle large menus very well. I
> attached my rc3 -file, so you can test ob3 with it (test also if
> menu jams when rolling mouse over the menu). There may be some kind
> of typo in rc3 what causes this kind of behaviour, or else it's a
> serious bug. Ob3 won't crash if menu is opened in the middle of the
> desktop or somewhere else than near bottom.

A backtrace of it crashing would help a lot.

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