[openbox] Offtopic Theme Plug.

David Barr dpb at clara.co.uk
Fri Aug 8 13:18:49 EDT 2003

Matthew Graybosch wrote:

>Has anybody tried using Ximian's "Industrial" GTK theme from
>art.gnome.org? I find it goes really well with a light-colored Openbox
Oh maybe it works pretty OK with the "light industry" theme seeing how 
it is a 'port' (insofar as being able to port between 2 completely 
different formats) of industrial, using the exact colours that gtk 
industrial + metacity would produce. (that was the whole point, see? :)

Also, i think it looks kind of nice (better) with this, a sort of muted 
industrial theme as to not hurt poor *box users' sesitive eyes that seem 
to weep whenever seeing a bright colour :)


i don't like the industrial engine so much but the colours are nice, so 
i made my own thinice version: 
http://home.clara.co.uk/dpb/I-bright.tar.gz (i even made a couple of 
extra icons, for awesomeness)

in my opinion round edges are best left to vectors or left alone.

enough plugs already.



PS i whored up a parody of a gnome-esque wallpaper also: 

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