[openbox] FIFO Menu Support

Scott Moynes smoynes at nerdnest.org
Fri Aug 8 11:25:14 EDT 2003

* Michael Scherer (mscherer at gis-systemhaus.de) wrote:
> Parsing ~/.ssh/know_hosts and build a menu out of its content wont
> waste that much resources. As well as reading a few files from a
> directory as your background-script does.  Everybody should know
> what to do with that "feature".
> Looking forward to it ;)

The issue I am trying to avoid is if this plugin is a submenu, then
everytime you mouseover the entry in the parent openbox will have to
fork()/exec(), read, then parse the output and it could become quite
slow, especially on a heavily loaded system. I think a better solution
would be to have a script parse known_hosts and generate a new menu
only when the input has changed.

But if other people want to write plugins to do this stuff, they
certainly can. I just have other features I'd rather get done first.

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