[openbox] An idea for program name.

Chandler Carruth carrbc1 at wfu.edu
Thu Aug 7 00:51:53 EDT 2003

Yes there is... compatability, and multi-user systems.

Openbox 2 was a black-box clone, and at least in Gentoo, special
handling was given to it to integrate it and all the other blackbox
clones out there. (IE: one big styles directory)

This no longer applies to Openbox3, and it is misleading to have it
simply replace openbox 2. If you want a blackbox clone, OB2 is still one
of the better choices available, and the choice to use tho same name for
OB3 removes that choice from users.

On Wed, 2003-08-06 at 23:58, Aaron Gyes wrote:
> A few months ago in cvs the binary was called openbox3, it was changed I
> suppose because there is no good reason to have openbox 2 on a system.
> :)

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