An idea for program name.

Chandler Carruth carrbc1 at
Wed Aug 6 23:56:24 EDT 2003

As openbox 3 is a completely new window manager, which you cannot simply
"upgrade" to from openbox 2, could the program be called "openbox3" to
allow for the easy co-existance of both versions? similarly, might the
various OB3 directories be named "openbox3" to allow neat seperation of
the data for the two fairly distinct window managers. I know that this
would make life easier on me in doing two things:

one, I would like to test OB3 without shutting down my OB2 X session and
get it configured and working smoothly before switching to it in my main
X session.

two, I would like to write a "ebuild" for it for Gentoo Linux so that I
can install it as part of my system, and maintain its version through
that means. I would then also submit the ebuild so that other Gentoo
users could download it, and install OB3 quickly and easily. However,
that will not readily happen as long as it would replace OB2, and not
smoothly co-exist.

several other large projects have taken this approach to manage large
version shifts without conflict. it, or something like it that
accomplishes the same tasks, would be a welcome aspect to Openbox 3.

-Chandler Carruth

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