[openbox] FIFO Menu Support

Michael Scherer mscherer at gis-systemhaus.de
Wed Aug 6 01:34:44 EDT 2003

Good morning.

On Tue, 5 Aug 2003, Scott Moynes wrote:

>* Dale K Dicks (dale_d at telusplanet.net) wrote:
>> ok.  so the FIFO gets created when openbox is started?
>Should be. I haven't tested across the last couple alphas though.
It is created but with your (and mine) script, I didnt get anything shown
in the menu.

>> when do i write to that file?
>Whenever you want it to change. Either in a cron, or by demand
>whenever the input set changes (like you download a new image), or a
>combination of both.
>Welcome to UNIX; it is up to you.
When it's up to me, I would like to have a menu generated everytime
I open it. I found the timed_menu pluging, read through the source
but when I put it in my rc3-file, openbox hangs up.

Maybe you (Scott ;) can give a quick hint, how to set it up
in the rc3.

Thanks, Michael

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