[openbox] OB3: menu gets stuck sometimes

Scott Moynes smoynes at nerdnest.org
Tue Aug 5 13:02:46 EDT 2003

* Marius Nita (marius at cs.pdx.edu) wrote:
> i think what he means is that items don't roll over smoothly when
> you run your mouse over the menu, like they do in ob2. if you run
> your mouse over it a little faster than very slow, some items will
> not get highlighted.. it starts to skip to every other item, every
> third item, etc. to where if you run your mouse over it reasonably
> fast, no items will be highlighted at all. this makes it seem like
> the menu response to the mouse is really slow.
> xor says that this might be due to event compression, but i kind of
> doubt it, because afaik, events are compressed on window move, and
> moving windows doesn't feel sluggish and whatnot. however, it's not
> a matter of the menu not flipping the pixmaps fast enough or
> something... if you wanch events, it seems like the menu gets much
> less events than it should. if compression is causing this, then
> this is a bad use of compression.

I have notced that moving fast over the menus doesn't trigger all the
submenus opening, but never saw the menu completely locking up. That
type of bug would probably be caused by races, and the menu code is
all synchronous, so I find it a little odd.

I think the missing events might be because we use motion events to
trigger the submenus opening and the old code uses enter/exits. If I
can't reproduce the lock up, I don't think it is a serious bug, and I
really don't want to rewrite the menu code again.

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