Openbox3 - changeWorkspace?

Matt Michalowski mattmichalowski at
Tue Aug 5 02:40:44 EDT 2003


I just gave Openbox-alpha4 a whirl, and I have a quick question about the 
new keybinding actions.

When running Openbox2 + epist, I have in epistrc
Mod1-1 changeWorkspace 1;
Mod1-2 changeWorkspace 2;
Mod1-3 changeWorkspace 3;

etc., so I can quickly change workspaces by pressing Alt-1, Alt-2, etc.

I had a quick look in kernel/action.c, yet couldn't find anything similar 
for OB3's built-in handling. Does an equivalent action exist? At the moment 
I'm still running epistrophy.


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