epist - strange behaviour

zed72 at gmx.net zed72 at gmx.net
Mon Apr 28 08:13:35 EDT 2003


I started to use openbox 2.3.0 and have some strange epist behaviour:

The following is the epistrc file I use:

options {
 stackedCycling true;
 stackedCyclingRaise true;
 chainTimeout 4000;

#Control-Shift-F11 toggleMaximizeHorizontal;
Control-Shift-Return raise;
Control-Shift-Right nextWindow;
Control-Shift-Left prevWindow;

1. If I enable the 'Control-Shift-F11' binding, epist seems also to
   grab 'Control-Shift--' (Minus) (same like 'Control-_'). This is
   bad, since my xemacs bindings use this key for undo :-((
2. If I disable the 'Control-Shift-Return' binding,
   'Control-Shift-Right' doesn't work anymore.
3. I have also another problem when switching windows with
   prev-/nextWindow: Sometimes, the windows don't take any more
   input. Releasing NumLock removes this problem. I wasn't able so far
   to find out what combination of bindings is necessary to reproduce
   this, i write as soon as i find out.

Solaris 5.8 on Intel.


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