[openbox] Send to Next/Prev Workspace

Douglas Adriano Augusto daaugusto at yahoo.com.br
Tue Apr 8 13:43:14 EDT 2003


Can't found such option in epist shipped with openbox 2.2.3. Right?
I'm a Debian user and get openbox via apt-get (unstable). The latest
version available is 2.2.3.


On Tue, 2003-04-08 at 14:02, smoynes at nexus.carleton.ca wrote:
> * Douglas Adriano Augusto (daaugusto at yahoo.com.br) wrote:
> > Where is sendToNextWorkspace and sendToPrevWorkspace in epistrc?
> >From the man page:
>    sendToNextWorkspace
>    sendToPrevWorkspace
>        Sends the currently focused  window  to  the  next/previous  workspace.
>        Takes  boolean  parameter  that when true switches to that workspace as
>        well. If none is specified a value of false is assumed.

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