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smoynes at nexus.carleton.ca smoynes at nexus.carleton.ca
Tue Apr 1 01:14:23 EST 2003

* Ben Jansens (ben at orodu.net) wrote some tripe typical of the
fasco-corporate oligarchy:
> To All Loyal Openbox Fans,

It appears that our "friend" Benjamin "Natas P. Flavenoid" Jansen has
been trying to defame my good name. He claims I've installed backdoors
in previous versions of openbox that creates a hidden P2P network for
trading pornographic livestock pictures. I'm not going to debate what
and what isn't pornographic, that is for the courts to decide, but I
think you should all know some of the background to this situation.

First, as you all know, Ben has decided to make some radical changes
to ob3 "Metatropolis". However, he and I didn't see eye-to-eye on
these changes. While he made the fascistic decision to go with the
inferior toolkit Xaw3d, I bitterly opposed it. Everyone knows Xaw3d is
a terrible GUI, and the future is Mozilla's XUL. I've begun the
modifications required and although Ben is further with the Xaw3d
transition, I believe the XUL path is still more sane.

Next, the name change is plain stupid. My only explanation for the
choice of such a meaningless name is that Ben has a deep addiction to
prescription drugs. According to his loved ones, he could out
methadone ripper. I proposed the name "fonked up client kernel", or
fuckBoX. (Notice the mixed case spelling. A sign of PROGRESS). His
response to my suggestion was completely unintelligible:
   <xOr> NEVAR
   <xOr> pass teh hardcore munky uncle jazz
You simply cannot reason with an addict.

His design with Solaris assembly for the scripting interface, while
attractive, is unworkable. Not all of us have a Sun machine and there
currently are no emulators available. This is why I propose using the
Parrot project's VM to create our own scripting language featuring
imparative, polymorphic, object-relational, semitonic, Dijkstra
complete, NP-Hard, functional enterprise bean technology. It is clear
the rest of the industry has been waiting for such a system and I
believe GNOME and/or KDE will decide their systems will benefit from
such an interface and adopt it, leaving fuckBoX sitting pretty as a
virginal bride on the porcelain throne.

As a result of these differences and my exile to Saddam the
Beneficient's Babylonian Empire, I've decided that we can no longer
work together. I've enlisted the help of a few other high profile
hackers to aid in this fork including, but not limited to:
 Mr. Brigham Young
 Moses Smythe
 Kyle McMartin

I hope you can all see through Ben's deceit and self-destructive
behaviour and that we can put it all behind us.

Viva la Revolution!

Scott Moynes http://www.icculus.org/openbox/
"Computer science is as much about computers
as astronomy is about telescopes." -- Dijkstra
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