[openbox] Openbox and Kdesktop

Scott Moynes smoynes at nexus.carleton.ca
Mon Sep 23 21:22:08 EDT 2002

* James Earl (james at icionline.ca) wrote:
> Is there a resource that lists the key binding actions that openbox
> supports (Hmm... does epist define the actions or is it the wm?)?
> I've tried using "rootMenu" from the fluxbox keygrabber actions
> list, and a number of others similar to that without any luck.

man epistrc. boing
> I guess it would be nice if Kdesktop was fixed... however at least
> with a key binding we can access the menu from anywhere, without the
> desktop showing.

In my opinion, KDE has made no effort to be anything greater than a Windows clone, right down to the core. I wouldn't hold your breath, but you can probably file a bug.
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