[openbox] Window button style additions

Ben Jansens ben at orodu.net
Fri Sep 6 00:53:32 EDT 2002

On Fri, Sep 06, 2002 at 02:13:00PM +0930, Tim Riley wrote:
> Lads and ladettes,
> Here's a proposal for all you open-minded open-boxers.  One aspect of
> blackbox's style system that has really annoyed me is that
> window.button.pressed looks the same regardless of the focus state of
> the window.
> I propose that the following two elements be added.
> window.button.pressed.focus
> window.button.pressed.unfocus
> For compatibility, if neither of the above are present, just use the
> window.button.pressed values for button.pressed.focus and
> button.pressed.unfocus.
> I'm not able to code this, but would instead like, perhaps, to stimulate
> a little discussion on how openbox themes can be so much cooler.

Hmm, i recall discussion about adding this to blackbox way back
when. I agree this would be a good addition, since unfocused windows
with the same pressed color do tend to look funny in most themes.

This might promote making themes where focused and unfocused windows
can be more easily distinguished.

I think it would be real easy to do, but what does other people think
of it?

I am damn unsatisfied to be killed in this way.
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