[Gtkradiant] Finally, the cause of q3map2 math problems

Thomas Nitschke spam at codecreator.net
Wed Dec 29 08:05:47 CST 2010

Am 29.12.2010 12:41, schrieb Forest Hale:
> I do want to give some food for thought, in case it is helpful; it is possible to produce points from plane intersections without a basewinding, I am not enough of a math whiz to work out how to
> calculate these intersections of 3D planes however, I only speculate it is possible.
You mean instead of clipping something step by step, you want to 
calculate the intersectionpoint of 3 planes analytically?

I went there and its a horror. I doubt that you would gain any precision 
since the calculation is dominated by a huge division AND/OR inverse of 
a 3x3 matrix (depends on your approach).


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